Project Grants for students and PhD

Application tutorial – Meltzer Project Grant

The Board for the L. Meltzers Høyskolefond decided on 10.10.2016 (ref. sak 18/16) that an additional amount of NOK 550.000 is to be yearly allocated towards study grants, preferably towards internationalization, for the next three years.

Application deadline: December 1, 2018 Application form

The grant awards will be published at on March 8. the following year.

Criteria for awarding the grant

The Meltzer Project Grant is awarded to support academic projects that are part of studies or Ph.D. research projects.

The Meltzer Project Grant is awarded to particularly talented students and Ph.D. candidates at the University of Bergen or from other universities or university colleges in Norway. The grants are awarded primarily to students at masters’ degree level, students at an equivalent level in a vocational degree, as well as to Ph.D. candidates. Grants may also be awarded to students at bachelor degree level, if the application is tied to a research project or research paper and this is confirmed by a supervisor.

The application must be confirmed and endorsed by an academic supervisor, which shows that he or she is willing to ensure that awarded grants from the Fund are used in correspondence with the application.

A PhD candidate may receive a maximum of 3 project grant awards from L. Meltzer Høyskolefond.

The grant is awarded in different bulks. The maximum amount is NOK 75.000.

Academic requirements

  • Applicants must document at least 120 ECTS credits at university or university college level.
  • The applicant should be enrolled as a student or Ph.D. candidate at least until medio October of the year the grant is awarded in. Applicants that are completing their studies in the spring semester will normally not be qualified to apply. NOTE: Ph.D. candidates that have been admitted to a Ph.D. programme at the University of Bergen must be enrolled in this programme in order to qualify for the grant.
  • Exphil and Norwegian courses will not count in the grade average, but exfac will be included in the grade average
  • For Project grants, the requirement for the right to study will be advanced to June for Master students
  • Students that are studying abroad as part of an exchange programme, or are visiting students at another Norwegian university or university college for specialized courses, are eligible to apply.

“Meltzer quality”

Normally, only the top ten present of students are considered to possess “Meltzer quality”. The required grade average is revised annually based on result statistics at the individual faculties. All the applicant’s grades from exams at the university or university college, with the exception of Examen Philosophicum, are the bases of his or her grade average. The project proposal is also weighted in ranking the applicants.

Transcripts of results from both the University of Bergen and external educational institutions should be attached to the application. Grades from the University of Bergen will be ranked. Grades from exams taken at other universities or university colleges will be compared to the grade levels in equivalent fields of study at the University of Bergen.

It is a prerequisite that the grades achieved are the result of regular academic progress. Weaker grades, which still are within the top 15 % of students, can to some degree be compensated by:

  • Documented participation in voluntary research at universities or university colleges
  • Documented academic performances achieved under particularly difficult conditions

Qualified applicants that have completed a bachelor degree or higher qualification, will normally precede students who have not completed a degree, even if the latter’s grades are stronger. Active participation in boards or committees at the university or college may be decisive if applicants are on otherwise equal footing. NOTE: Achieving “Meltzer quality” is not a guarantee for receiving a grant, as usually there are fewer grants available than qualified applicants.

What can the grant be used for?

Students and Ph.D. candidates can apply for funding for research trips, taking part in academic conferences and for field work. I some cases, funds are also awarded for equipment or materials. Grants are awarded in various grant portions. The maximum sum is NOK 75.000. The grant awarded is tied to documentable expenses in connection with the research project. Applicants must enclose a detailed budget with their applications, which shows expected expenses that will be financed with a grant from the Meltzer Fund. The application and proposed budget must include the following information:

  • Academic research trips: destination and duration of trip, invitation from an external university or university college, a description of the purpose of the trip, etc.
  • Participation at academic conferences: location, name and time of the conference, programme of the conference, invitation, description of the purpose of taking part in the conference, etc.
  • Field work: location, description of the duration and nature of the field work, etc.
  • Equipment and materials: what kind of equipment, description of necessity, etc.
  • Internationalization: The board for the L. Meltzers Hogskolefund decided on 10.10.2016 that an additional amount of NOK 550.000 is to be allocated yearly towards study grants, preferably towards internationalization, for the next three years.

The grant can be used to cover conferences fees, travel expenses, lodging and in some cases living expenses. The State Travel Allowance Scale (“Statens reiseregulativ”) must be used. Expenses that are normally covered by a Ph.D. candidate’s working capital cannot be covered by the grant additionally. Purchases made as part of the grant must be registered in concordance with the laws, regulations and guidelines that generally apply to purchases made through the University of Bergen (other regulations apply to external applicants).  See the statues of the Meltzer Fund § 12 and the purchasing rules of the University of Bergen (in Norwegian only):

Practical Information for an Application

Filling out the application form

  • Project title: The title of the project should be concise and cover the entirety of the project, so that it may be comprehensible to laymen.
  • Project abstract: Give a short account of the project that contains the academic reasons for how the project fits into your study programme. The abstract should not exceed 1000 words.
  • Other relevant information: If illness or other extenuating circumstances influence your ability to complete the project, this must be documented with an attachment and a short appraisal of the situation. Other information, such as further studies or work experience may also be relevant to your application. This must also be documented by transcripts or other documentation in order to be part of the evaluation of your application.
  • Attachments: The following electronic attachments should be included in your application:
    • Transcripts of records from all universities or university colleges, including the University of Bergen (transcripts are updated in Applicant Profile → Academic Records). New transcripts of records included exams completed in the current year (uploaded by clicking “upload updated transcript of records”).
    • Attachments documenting extenuating circumstances that influence the completion of the project, if applicable.

Documentation that is not uploaded within the set deadlines will not be considered. If you have questions concerning the uploading of documentation, we recommend that you send us an inquiry, as a lack of correct documentation may disqualify you from receiving funds.   

Academic Supervisor’s Endorsement

After the application deadline December 1st, an email will be sent to the project supervisor asking to approve of the project through the application system. The deadline for this approval is 10. December.

Awarding the Research Grant Fund

The list of awarded grants is published on the Melzter Fund website on March 8th, and letters of acceptance are sent to the recipients of the grant by mail and email. Students and Ph.D. candidates at the University of Bergen receive the funds to a project account at the department or research centre they are affiliated with. For external applicants who receive a grant, the funds are paid to a personal bank account.

Contact information

Questions or inquiries concerning an application for a Meltzer Fund Research Grant for students and Ph.D. candidates can be directed to The Division of Student Affairs at the University of Bergen, telephone +47 55 58 21 41, or via email: