Guidance researchers

The board for the L. Meltzers Hogskolefund decided on October 20th, 2014 (ref. sak 21/14) that allocations to academic affairs/research at the University of Bergen will be one total allocation. Therefore researchers have to apply to the University of Bergen for financial support for academic travels and sabbatical leave.

The application deadline is: December 1, 2018
Researchers and staff can use this link to apply application forms

Support for academic travels

  • Researchers from the University of Bergen can apply for financial support for academic travels
  • Support may also be awarded to researchers from other universities in Norway
  • Researchers may apply for participation at conferences, seminars, visit parnerinstitutions, fieldwork etc

 Support for sabbatical leave

  • Researchers from the University of Bergen may apply for funding for sabbatical leave.
    A minimum of a 3 month stay abroad is required.
  • Assessment of the application will depend on the quality of the provided program for the sabbatical leave. Internationalization and a period abroad will be favored.

Organization Structure

The Rector of the University of Bergen is the Head of the Board of the Meltzer Research Fund, while the Deans of each Faculty are the board members. The University Director is the administrative manager.

For questions please contact:
If you have technical problems with the application system please contact the
IT- Department