The Meltzer Research Fund Awards

The Meltzer Research Fund annually distributes awards for Young Researchers.

Every other year the Meltzer Research Fund distributes an award for Excellence in the Dissemination of Research.

Every fifth year, the Meltzer Research Fund gives an honorary award for Excellence in Research.

All professors and heads of department at the University of Bergen are eligible to
nominate candidates to the Funds awards.

  • The deadline for sending in suggestions for nominations for the award for Young Researchers is on December 1, 2018
  • Signed suggestions are sent as an attachment by e-mail to, Division of Research Administration


All university professors and heads of department have the right to suggest a nominee.

Honorary Award for Excellence in Research
  • The award is given to researchers who have shown particular  excellence in their research
  • The nominator must explain the nomination based on academic merits, such as groundbreaking research, vital academic publications, excellence in research or tutoring of Ph.D. candidates etc.
  • Concise CV and list of publications is attached
  • Ensure that the award has not been given in the 5 preceding years

 Award for Young Researchers

  • The nominator must account for the nomination based on the  candidate’s innovative research, his or her latest publications and give  an account for the candidate’s individual merits if the research has been   undertaken in a team
  • Note that novel publications, preferably those that have been published and reviewed in recent years, will be weighted in the  consideration of the candidate
  • CV and list of publication must be attached
  • The Doctorate Dissertation Committee’s evaluation must be included
  • Ensure that the nominee is not older than 35 years when the award is given on March 8th
  • This award is distributed by the Fund every year; to one or two researchers
Award for Excellence in the Dissemination of Research
  • The nominator must account for the nomination based on the nominee’s contribution to the University’s mission of disseminating information and exemplifying the importance of research for society at large
  • The nominees ability to disseminate his or her research and field, nationally as well as internationally, is stressed in the evaluation
  • CV and list of publications should be included as attachments
  • This award is distributed by the Fund every other year